Monday, March 2, 2015

[WriYe Blogging Circle] Fuck the Ides, I'm Going to Fear the Entire Month

Welcome to the first Monday of the month and to the WriYe Blogging Circle prompt.  It is also March.  March is the editing month.  It is known as NaNoEdMo and I am signed up for it through the WriYe forums.  Should also go join the official forums - okay, tried and failed and tweeted them about it.  Woo, productive.  Besides, I did... three hours on a eleven page chapter today.  Oi.  There was a lot of just.  I feel horrible as a writer about the justs.  However, we get the story out and then we take the month of March to red pen it.

In that spirit, we have the question!  A single easy question and a single hard question.  I just realized there are two questions.  Here we go.

Easy Question: Why is it necessary?
Metaphor answer: It's necessary because you need hard work to turn sand into a pearl.
Simile answer: It's necessary because you want your novel to read smoothly like a river flowing through a forest.

It's necessary because, in some way shape or form, you want to publish.  Either self or traditional.  Therefore, you need to edit because no editor wants to slog through all of your errors to get to the gem.  Same goes for self publishing, even more so, because you will get one star reviews about how you've written there for their and so on.  So yes, necessary because we want people to read and like our babies.  Do you like a messy baby with a poopy diaper and syntax errors?  No?  Nobody does.  Change the baby and fix your errors through editing.  The end.

Hard Question: Do you enjoy it?
Like I enjoy a root canal.  At least I can sleep through those.  Necessary but not enjoyable.  If I could staff out of my editing without people killing me, I would.  But I can't at the moment.  So I shall soldier on.  Possibly like you did reading this blog post.

Anywho, thanks for reading and see you Wednesday!

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  1. That title made me laugh. March is Finals Hell too, so it fits beautifully!

    I am weird. I LOVE editing. But I usually have so few things finished that I don't really do it much >.>. While I don't really intend to publish (a novel), I wouldn't be averse to a short story publication or two in the future and man, people workshop stories like mad.


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